Mass Schedule

Thursday’s Thanksgiving Mass @ 9:30AM

 Saturday, November 29th
4:30pm Vigil Mass
Sunday, November 30th-1st Sunday of Advent
8:00 & 11:00am Masses

Tuesday, December 2nd
5:30 pm Mass
Wednesday, December 3rd
5:30pm Mass - RECTORY CHAPEL
Thursday, December 4th
5;30pm Mass – RECTORY CHAPEL 

















Weekday Masses in new venue beginning Tuesday, Dec. 2nd

Our TuesdayWednesday and Thursday Masses will be celebrated in the newly established chapel located in the basement of the Church Rectory.  The inaugural Mass will be on Tuesday, December 2, at 5:30pm.  PLEASE JOIN US.  We are hoping to have Bishop Scharfenberger bless our humble and intimate chapel on Friday, December 5, when he is in Cooperstown for the Confirmation Mass.  This chapel will provide us with much-needed decreases in fuel costs by allowing us to heat a small space versus the entire large church on weekdays.  Weekend Masses and funerals will continue to be held within the church.

Bishop Scharfenberger will celebrate Confirmation Mass at St. Mary’s on December 5, 2014. ALL ARE INVITED!

IMG_20141019_151139_859Bishop Edward Scharfenberger will be with us at St. Mary’s Church on Friday, December 5, 2014, for our parish’s Confirmation Mass at 6:00pm.  All are urged to mark this on your calendars and plan to attend, so that we can extend a very warm parish welcome to Bishop Scharfenberger as well as to celebrate the confirmation of 20 young soldiers of Christ.


Be sure to view our “Photo Galleries”!

 SO MANY PHOTOS TO BE SEEN, such as the photos of our MAGNIFICENT windows at St. Mary’sTyrolese Are Glass Company on bottom of some of the windows (640x360)  Once there, click onto an individual gallery title to open the photos to a full size.  You can navigate within each gallery by continuing to click on the photos.  ENJOY YOUR/OUR PARISH!  If you missed the picnic this year, be sure to mark your calendar for 2015 … first Sunday after Labor Day!


Annual Easter Appeal continues with our Parish as its focus

DSC03768The Annual Easter Appeal  of St. Mary’s, which supports the Bishop’s Appeal for the Diocese of Albany, needs everyone’s help.  We have reached our assessment of $52,000 in donations and pledges,  but now, having reached our stated goal, what is donated returns to help our local Saint Mary’s in charitable works.   This includes the Religious Education Program of St. Mary’s,  the Youth Program,  the Annual Food Drives, etc.. If you have not  made a contribution to the Annual Easter Appeal yet – please do so today.  You can either mail a check payable to “The Bishop’s Appeal” directly to our church, drop it in the collection basket or donate directly through the Albany Diocese’ website at THANK YOU!

Please Pray for The Souls of Our Faithfully Departed

 The following is a list of the individuals who were laid to rest from St. Mary’s in the recent past, with the date of their passing following their names.   Please remember them in your prayers.

Maryellen Wrubleski    21 December 2013
Jack Henry Weber   3 January2014
Michael J. Basile    12 January  2014  
Stewart L. Fink, Jr    4 February 2014
Mary Pangborn    16 February 2014
Patrick Christman    2 March 2014
Janet Gorman    30 March 2014
Frances K. Watson    9 March 2014
William Armstrong    18 June 2014
James  Joseph  Kennedy    3 June 2014
Alberta Ann Bowes    16 June 2014
Louise W. Weisser    21 June 2014
Jean Kennedy    28 June 2014
Julian Paul Kaczynski    16 July 2014
Joan Ann Tripp   23 July 2014
Kathleen  Adele  Bachand    27 July 2014
Wilhelmus “Willy” Pijnenburg    2 August 2014
Eleanor P. Maliszewski   31 August 2014