Mass Schedule


Friday  Feb 17  2017       7:10  am Morning Prayer       7:20 am Mass (Rectory Chapel)
 Blessed Sacrament Exposition til 9am

Sat, Feb 18 2017    
Confessions  3:30-4:15 pm
4:30 pm  Mass  

Feb 19  2017      Seventh Sunday- Ordinary Time
8:00 am     11:00  am 






Teaching Mass Feb 12 5:15 PM

16486954_1549688791737822_3418565464617627042_o (1)           Teaching Mass will be 5:15 PM  Feb 12

Teaching  Mass first Sunday of each month

 is part of the St. Mary’s Confirmation Program.   All are welcome.


5th graders share Mass “We are the Light of the World”    Feb 5  2017   11 AM  Mass

New Mass Schedule Begins AFTER Labor Day

REMINDER:   The Fall/Winter Mass Schedule begins on the weekend after Labor Day.  Saturdays remain unchanged, with the Vigil Mass at 4:30 year-round.  However Sundays will have just two Masses:  8:00 AM and 11:00 AM Masses.

St. Mary’s Annual 2016-17 EVENTS Calendar

Through the hard work and dedication of a group of parishioners spearheaded by Maureen Davidson, Edna Chase and Roe Abbate, St. Mary’s is pleased to offer you an annual EVENTS Calendar so that you can plan to attend such festivities without conflicts.

Please click onto this link:

Mike Piazza graced St. Mary’s Sunday Mass

mike piazzaFather John was humbled by the presence of Mike Piazza, one of the  newest members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, on Sunday, July 24, at  7:30 AM Mass. 


In the words of Father John:   “Yes, it was quite humbling. Mike was very humble. I was tongue tied when he asked for a blessing and  I did not realize that  I had a live ‘mike’ on.”  PERHAPS THE LIVE MICROPHONE AND THE HUMBLING REQUEST WERE ALL PART OF GOD’S PLAN TO BRING GRACE ONTO ST. MARY’S.  The Holy Spirit  untied Father John’s tongue.  We all received God’s blessing that day!


SPOTLIGHT ON YOUTH at St Mary’s: Scott Curtis

It is a genuine pleasure to focus on CCS senior Scott Curtis, son of Alma and Matt Curtis and brother of Kaitlin, a sophomore at CCS. As Scott finishes his final year and concludes his many varied activities in Cooperstown, we have a unique opportunity to learn more about this extraordinary young man.

For seven years he has served as an acolyte at St. Mary’s and participated in the religious education and Youth I’nC programs. As part of this experience, he has observed numerous individuals from the parish serving the needs of others and enhancing church community and parish life. The diversity of participation and contribution from so many has been a highlight and influence.

With respect to other interests, Scott has been a varsity athlete in cross country and baseball and is working at Cooperstown Dreams Park this summer. He intends to pursue track and field at the Division I level in college.

Speaking of college, Scott is matriculating in September at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn. The strength of the religious orientation, presence of morally relevant values, and smaller size (reminiscent of Cooperstown!) have been factors guiding his decision.

Career choice? This past year Scott participated in the New Visions program at Bassett Medical Center. He shadowed nurses, technicians, physicians and others and became enamored with the medical field. One rotation in particular on the inpatient psychiatric unit, moved him greatly and fostered an interest in the mental health field. Interestingly, his attention was drawn to neuropsychology which he intends to pursue in college and medical school. Scott recalled Dr. Oliver Sachs and his work in this field as portrayed in the movie “The Awakening” (Robin Williams played the role ) about a group of Parkinson’s patients and attempts at improving their condition. The observations and awareness above have had a profound impact on Scott.

It is evident that Scott’s thirst for knowledge and pursuit of service with compassion will carry him to many locations geographically and expose him to individuals of various talents and interests. What a marvelous formula for growth, humanitarianism, and deep inner fulfillment. Locally, Scott cites Rev. Betsy Jay as a role model whose broad perspective on life and its complexities, compassion, and contributions to the church community has touched him in a special way.

In conclusion, two of Scott’s favorite quotes offer insight into his thoughts and vision of life:

“Like Great Works of Art, Deep Feelings Mean More Than Can Be Expressed” From French Philosopher Albert Camus

“This, Too, Shall Pass” From Jewish, Islamic, and Christian Faiths

We wish Scott every success at Sacred Heart University and in his future endeavors.


1) Scott Curtis serving as an acolyte at Masses this weekend, followed by Mrs. Edna Chase, long-time parishioner who is dubbed “Sister Edna” for all she does for her parish, and Father John P. Rosson
2) Scott smiling upon Father John P. Rosson, Mr. Vin Russo – long-time parishioner and Vin’s father, Mr. Joseph Russo – 100 years young

St Mary's Roman Catholic Church Cooperstown, NY's photo.
St Mary's Roman Catholic Church Cooperstown, NY's photo.
God continues to bless America and St. Mary’s Church

Happy Fourth of July weekend!  We at St. Mary’s were three-times blessed by Father Andrew Cryans sharing Masses with Father John Rosson PLUS we were introduced to Kyle Gorenski, a seminarian at St. Mary’s Seminary and the University of Baltimore, Maryland, studying to be a Priest for the Diocese of Albany. The photos below were taken at the 11:30 AM Mass on July 3, 2016, one of the Masses Father Andrew celebrated, with assistance by Kyle Gorenski.  Please keep Kyle in your prayers and pray that others might discern a calling to Priesthood.  Included in photos:  Father Andrew Cryans, Seminarian Kyle Gorenski and Parishioner Diane Iandiorio.

2016-07-03 11.35.09 (576x1024)     2016-07-03 12.28.55 (1024x576)

RED – WHITE – BLUE was everywhere at St. Mary’s on July 4th

2016-07-04 12.03.34 (576x1024)2016-07-04 10.13.01 (1024x576)2016-07-04 10.15.18 (576x1024)

Prayerfully Made Ministry

At the Vigil Mass of Saturday, June 25, Father John blessed countless “works of love” which have been knit and crocheted by the generous members of THE PRAYFULLY MADE MINISTRY of St. Mary’s. These beautiful items (6 large blankets, 8 lap blankets, 28 prayer shawls,25 baby sweater sets and 11 baby blankets) will be donated to patients at Bassett Hospital, local nursing homes and the homebound. This group is spearheaded by Carole Lachance, and always open to new members.  CLICK ON EACH PHOTO TO SEE FULL SIZE.

2016-06-25 17.18.34 (642x1024) 2016-06-25 16.25.59 (1024x576) 2016-06-25 16.25.45 (645x1024)
Father’s Day Photos

Be sure to look at our Father’s Day photos and brilliant red carnations in our Photo Galleries.  (See link on lower left.)  Wait for the entire gallery page to load in .  So that you don’t just see portions of the photos in “thumbnail” size, 2016-06-18 16.38.39 (1024x576)please be sure to follow the directions below, which are also on the top of the photo gallery page.  Enjoy and Happy Father’s Day to all!

Click a gallery to expand it, then click a photo to view and navigate within the gallery. 


HE IS RISEN – Photographic Views of our Easter Triduum

HE IS RISEN!  Here is a link to a photographic journey of Easter Vigil / Easter Mass.!4390&authkey=!AGGnhjxUHOECIGw&ithint=album%2c

You can also link to photos from Holy Thursday-Good Friday at St. Mary’s:!4351&authkey=!AJjl0Hd43Ev7Em0&ithint=album%2c 


Children’s Christmas Nativity Pageant

On Sunday, December 18, 2016, St. Mary’s children, parents and teachers presented their annual tradition of “The First Christmas” for the parish via a pageant that was presented in the church and followed by supper in the Parish Hall.  The evening concluded with Christmas carols being led by religious education director Rosemarie Abbate and her trusty karaoke machine, with backup by teacher Bill Weldon.  The evening also included a surprise visit by Santa.  Click this link to enjoy some of the photos from that most delightful day:!3951&authkey=!AB–5TL-3AyIngo&ithint=album%2c