The Mary Widows



A play on words and the operetta … but with all seriousness … St. Mary’s Parish in Cooperstown has many active widows and single adults – and that’s a fact!

Hello widows, widowers, and EVERYONE interested in joining a fun group of like-minded St. Mary’s Church members.

When one becomes a widow, widower, or “single” again for whatever reason, they join a new “social order”.  Therefore we have banded together in support and friendship, to enjoy either lunch or dinner once a month.

We generally meet on the third Friday each month at a local restaurant, although religious holidays, etc., may change our schedule a bit. 

We announce the meeting location on the bulletin boards in St. Mary’s church and in The Herald.

ALL are invited as we do not check your “widow-hood-ness credentials” at the door.

If you too would like to be a part of a group of folks with values similar to your own, spend some time rejuvenating your spirits, filling out your waistline, and you are fortunate enough not to be a widow or widower, that is no reason why you shouldn’t join in.

It’s “Dutch treat”.  This “club” has no dues, but rather only a promise of time well spent!

Remember – EVERYONE is invited!

We hope to see/meet you soon!