Baptism incorporates us into the Church and gives us rebirth as sons and daughters of God. Through the Sacrament, we become members of the church and receive the gift of eternal life.

baptismIn Baptism parents pledge to raise their children in the faith of the Roman Catholic Church and to journey along with them. Your child’s baptism is a time for celebration and joy; and naturally, you want the best for your child.
We want to help you plan and prepare for the baptism in the best possible way.

Baptisms are usually celebrated at Sunday Mass (except during Lent).  Private Baptisms may also be scheduled by speaking with Fr. John.  To schedule a baptism, please call (607) 547-2213.

The role of Godparent is a serious one, being chosen is an honor. All Catholic Godparents are required to be confirmed.  Only 1 Confirmed Catholic Godparent is required to witness the Baptism.  The confirmed Catholic represents the Christian Catholic community, the church. The other may be a Christian from another tradition, thereby being a Christian Witness. Church law requires the Godparent to be at least 16 years of age (for maturity sake).

Baptism forms may be obtained from the Rectory. Donations Envelope are in the packet a ($100 donation is asked for if possible). Please complete the paperwork and return as soon as possible.